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Grants for Clubs, Sports, and Programs 

Booster grants are funded in the spring each year - Due date for 2018 is April 13, 2018.  Our grant cycle is connected to the March auction. Once the auction is complete,  coaches and club advisors can submit grant requests to Shorewood Boosters.  These grant requests are then voted on in a special meeting shortly after the auction.  All Booster money is distributed at this meeting, so we do not accept requests at any other time of the year.  Monies granted needs to be spent by the next year’s auction on the item as specified in the request or it will be returned to the Boosters.  

Seventy percent of funds raised by an item donated to the auction in the name of a particular group goes to that group with no strings attached.  We give this information to coaches and advisors so it is part of their grant request planning, but do not use it as criteria when reviewing grants.

Direct cash  donations are not part of the grant process.  Ninety  percent of tax-deductible cash donations given through Boosters in the name of a particular group will go to that group with no strings attached.  Funds cannot  be given to a specific individual.  Many of these donations come through at auction time and are added  onto the money earned in the auction by groups.

As always, we give priority to the following criteria when awarding grants:
    -    Physical items that stay with the school
    -    Purchases that benefit the school longer than one year
    -    Items that affect the largest number of students
    -    Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

As in the past, we are unable to grant funds for the following:
    -    Food
    -    ASB activity uniforms
    -    Individual students, with the exception of our scholarship program

In order to more closely follow our giving criteria, the following items will no longer be funded through Booster Grants:
    -    Camp
    -    Travel
    -    Tournaments
    -    Competitions
    -    Fees

Questions? Contact Tina Lapham at

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