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Shorewood Booster Spring Auction 2023 

Shorewood Booster Auction was a SUCCESS!

Thank you to all who donated or contributed in some way to the Boosters Auction.  We raised more money than ever before.  The grand total was $100,952.00! 


We had donations that went to each class! The amount that each class earned for the class funds are as follows:


            Class of 2023 - $7584.50

        Class of 2024- $7108.23

        Class of 2025- $1330.00

        Class of 2026- $1102.50


These amounts are a combination of procured items donated by families and the class games.  All amounts listed will go to the class fund the school uses when they are seniors to help pay for all those special Senior Experiences (like Prom, Senior Breakfast, Senior Sneak.)

How Did We Do?

Are you curious how much money your sport, club, team or activity earned at the auction this spring? Here is the breakdown of funds earned through procured and donated items. These funds, along with grant requests, will help clubs and teams next year! 


Thank you so much for your support and help!

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