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Auction Volunteers - We need you!

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Below is some extra detail about some of the volunteer positions you'll find on the sign-up genius.

Volunteer Coordination Team
We hesitate calling it “herding cats”, but it kinda is. The auction co-chairs help with this, but we need coordinators to pull everything together. We will work together to determine a recruitment strategy, and you have the support of each of the auction teams in gathering up interested volunteers.

Team Chair(s)
Oversight and coordination. You’ll be the primary contact for the team, and will help with any last-minute items that come up. For the most part, this is a flexible role and can be done at home. The time commitment is primarily from January to the event.

Recruit and coordinate student volunteers
The night of the auction, student volunteers are valuable contributors. From set-up to clean up, they are all over the place, handing out items bid on, selling raffle tickets and more. Students get hours for their volunteering, and interest in helping out grows every year. The time commitment includes some recruitment / information sharing in the fall, then primarily February through the event.

Recruit and coordinate night-of adult volunteers
Adult volunteers are needed throughout the auction. This coordinator recruits and coordinates these volunteers using requirements from the other night-of teams. The time commitment includes some recruitment / information sharing in the fall, then primarily February through the event.

Coordinate night of volunteer box lunches
All these night-volunteers are running around doing things, and will need to eat. This coordinator will order and distribute these. The time commitment for this is the two weeks before the auction and then some organizing the night of, gathering information and making it happen.

Send post-event Thank Yous
So many volunteers. Thank yous are in order. This is a great job for a couple of people to do together, with beverages and snacks.

Guest Experience Committee
This section is broken up into small jobs, and we encourage folks to work with a friend or two and sign up for several that fit together. For instance: Decor and Set-Up work well together.

This team oversees all the details for getting our guests to their seats and buying things. Starting with sending invitations and tracking ticket sales, you and your team will be the first to experience the excitement of the crowd!

You know who you are. This team has a vision and isn’t afraid to get glitter on their good sweater. Collect your friends and bring the Superhero theme alive on auction tables, walls and any other surface you can come up with.

Set-up Oversight
Do you love to tell a large group of volunteers what to do? Yes, you do. We’re looking for two or three people to plan and oversee before-event set up. Much of this will happen on Friday evening, with a couple of extra details being taken care of Saturday afternoon. You’ll work closely with the Decor team to make sure their spectacular vision comes to life!

Money People
You are the one who always splits the bill at group dinners. You know are to use a calculator, and aren’t afraid to do it. Please come and help us the night of the auction—you are the one who takes us from “hey, this is a fun event” to “wow! look at how much money we raised for the school!”

Event Planning Committee
How does this all work from 5–9pm? Working with the Auction Co-Chairs, plan out the flow of the evening. Who will talk when? What time do we serve dessert? So many have those answers.

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces, but we need someone to get those on film. Help us collect memories from this year’s auction by taking photos of all the fun!

We don’t need to tell you how important this job is. Plus, the look of happiness as you hand someone a drink is instant gratification for this volunteering. No experience is necessary.

Layout & Rentals
This is the perfect job for that person who rearranges their livingroom every two months. Where is everything going to go, and what do we need to rent? A great volunteer gig for someone who wants to be involved before the event, and maybe help out a little with set-up.

Procurement Committee
Our fearless committee co-chairs are already hard at work on procurement, and need your help! Here are just some of the options for getting involved:
Set up corporate sponsorships, solicit individual and corporate donations, work with clubs to procure their donations, collect gift cards for auction and raffles, get the wine ( of the most important jobs!).

Item Data Input
All of these items need to go into the database. This is a great job for those 10pm volunteers. The bulk of this work will be in January–February.

Dessert Wrangling
This volunteer job is almost as important as bartender. Collect all the wonderful treats for the Dessert Dash.

Day-of Volunteering
Working with the set-up volunteers, you’ll oversee the grouping and presenting of items during silent auction set-up. We’ll also need a couple of people to help with disbursement after the auction, working with all the student volunteers.

Thank Yous
Working with the folks doing the volunteer thank yous, you’ll send out thank yous to all our donors. We can’t put on this event without them, and we can’t tell them that without you!

Marketing & Communication Committee
We could put a lot of detail into this description, but if this is your gig, you probably already know what’s needed.
Communications plan (in collaboration with the auction co-chairs), Save-the-Date card, Newsletter articles / Emails to parents. You know…all the fun stuff.

Slide Deck & Catalog
This could be two different jobs if you like, or it combines well into one. Files from past years are available, and make it easy to replicate what’s been done in the past. We’ll supply logos and any other graphics that might be helpful as well as photos for the slide deck.

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